Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Better Late Than Never Review: Fight Club!

So here we are with a new feature here on, the "Better Late Than Never Review!" In this feature I'll be looking back at a classic movie, or maybe even a game that is either A. So awesome that it deserves a review due to it being an all time classic, or B. Something that I for one reason or another missed out on, but I've FINALLY had a chance to see or play it after much recommendation. In this first edition, I'll be reviewing a movie that has been recommended for years now as a classic MUST see, but I never had the chance to catch it...until now!

So every time I heard something or saw something on the net about Fight Club, it seemed like the idea was pretty simple...some guys want to fight...they make their own little club, they have fights, that's about it. I guess after awhile you just accept that you "get" the movie even without seeing it. Well last night it was finally showing on Cinemax I believe, so I put it on to see if it was half as great as I had heard. I caught it toward the beginning where Edward Nortons character is going to counseling or rehab or whatever it is. The first character that jumped out in this was of course Brad Pitt's "Tyler Durden"(NOW I understand This guy was a supreme bad ass, perfect for Norton's nerdy guy loser character. So basically, Nortons character, who really isn't named in the movie, has his apartment randomly blow up on him, so he's stuck calling his new friend Tyler, who invites him to come stay with him, but randomly wants him to punch him in return....which becomes a regular thing, 2 guys fighting outside a bar, which eventually gains a crowd......yeah, a fight club is born. So far I'm seeing where this is going, the club gets popular, Tyler is owning all these new guys asses, makes sense. Pretty soon Tyler has a damn army, they're blowing shit up all over, living out all of Tyler's teachings. Norton's character doesn't like what they're doing anymore, and then, Tyler is GONE.
This is the point where shit gets crazy and unpredictable. People are calling Norton's character "Tyler Durden" now, wtf. Everything Tyler did is blamed on him....turns out that all this time, Tyler never existed, it was Nortons bad ass alter ego the whole time...uh, wow. Well this movie jumped from gory blood brawl movie to suspense thriller. The Tyler Durden character was the shit in this movie, and it was weird to suddenly find out he never even existed, BUT I am a big fan of huge twists that no one sees coming, and I didn't see this one at all! The ending was, interesting i guess. Norton can shoot himself in the mouth, but only kill his bad ass alter ego, without actually killing himself, just a mild gunshot wound to the face, hey whatever works!

Well there you have it, I really came you a brief synopsis of the basic outline of this movie, most of you have probably seen it, but for those who have it, you definitely should, as there is no way i can cover it all in one blog. Overall, big fan of this movie, it drew me in, and made my ass stay up til 4:30 a.m. to finish it out, as I had only planned on checking out some of it and watching the rest later. Pitt delivers one of the most hard ass/bad ass type characters I've seen yet, and will definitely go down as a legendary bad ass for his performance here. This definitely deserves all the praise it got, as the story is great, and the big twist works well, definitely enough to keep you interested to see how it all works out. The first rule of fight club, is to NEVER talk about fight club...well sorry, but this one is a winner, and now I see why it's been talked about so much!

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