Saturday, October 6, 2007

Movie Review: The Heartbreak Kid

I've never been a huge Ben Stiller fan, sure the Focker movies were funny. There's Something about Mary was hilarious, and Zoolander and Dodgeball are still classics in my book. However, the majority if not all of his movies were always funny to me because of the other players in them. This time, The Heartbreak Kid owns soley to Stiller. The television ads promote it to be "Ben Stiller's funniest movie ever" and there's no way I'm arguing that. Stiller stars as Eddie, a guy feeling the pressure from his father (Jerry Stiller) and his best friend (Rob Corddry) to marry and settle down, when a chance meeting with Lila (Malin Akerman) leads to romance. After a mere six weeks, they decide to get hitched. What ensues is picture perfect for Stiller, who excels at playing the bumbling, fumbling, guy who no matter how hard he tries can't seem to just get it right.

As soon as the honeymoon is underway, Eddie realizes he has made a huge mistake. Then he meets the girl of his dreams (Michelle Monaghan) while his wife is holed up with a powerful sunburn. Both Akerman and Monaghan are smoking hot, no doubt about that. Somehow Stiller always manages to get roles opposite good looking chicks, one of which he's actually married to in real life.

There's tons of great slapstick moments, and plenty of dirty, raunchy jokes and scenes, which are what the Farrelly's are best known, but I won't spoil them. This is one of those movies where you are afraid all the funny moments are in the previews, but I assure you that is not the case! This is definitely a movie you can take your girlfriend to, but also one you can go see with your buddies. It's a laugh minute funfest (except for that horrible Carlos Mencia - I hate that guy). So go check out The Heartbreak Kid, because I give it 3 stars, and I think you'll enjoy it!

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