Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chris Jericho will return on ECW tonight!

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Alright we have all seen the Save_Us promos for the past month right?!

Ok well check this out.

In all the coding, and stuff like that. If you look around. You will see the letter E pop up in some of the words and stuff. Like the letter E in the word Save!

And you will also see the letter C pop up in a word or too as well! And you know what else, C is in the name... Jericho!

And in other words there is the letter W! And Jericho is a Wrestler!

Put them together and its ECW!!!

That means when Jericho makes his comeback which will be tonight, because ECW is live from Long Island, New York! And Jericho has no signings for tonight for his book tour meaning he can be anywhere in the world which means he can easily fly from there to get to the ECW show!

It all adds up!!

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