Sunday, October 21, 2007

International Trailer for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I am very very excited about this movie. I used to be a huge Tim Burton fan then he went all, well, he went to shit. Sleepy Hollow was his last decent movie, since then its just shit. BUT, this movie seems that he is back in form doing what he does best, with who he does it best with, Mr. Johnny Depp.

Only thing I hate is how he has to put his damn girlfriends in all his movies, see before he had Lisa Marie and she was fuckin hot, and now hes with Helena Bonham Carter and she looks like the weird old lady that hangs out outside the grocery stores, not asking for change, shes just fuckin there. And she never washes her hair, seriously, show me 1 movie that she is in where her hair is actually done and taken care of. Only thing I can say positive about her is, at least she looks like she belongs in Tim Burton movies, its like hes fucking one of his characters. Creepy weird broad. Look at Tim Burtons hair, and look at her hair, can you imagine their poor child? OY! Look at them! Its like the real Addams Family!

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