Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let the Anti-WWE Begin, Hogan and Big Show hit the Indies!

Well, on the heels of something i expected, which was WWE pulling Jerry Lawler out of the upcoming Memphis show on Friday April 27th, due to fear that Hulk Hogan vs. Jerry Lawler might outshine their crap, Memphis has fired back with an even BIGGER match, a match that was originally supposed to be on this years WrestleMania, but due to WWE thinking John Cena and Bobby Lashley are what people REALLY want these days, it didn't. The match is the Hulkster himself, taking on the Giant Paul Wight, aka the Big Show. This has to be the biggest indy match, in more than 20 years, if not more. The Giant is free from WWE and is said to be in better shape than ever, while Hogan always will be the biggest attraction of all time. I'm more hyped for this match by far than I would be if it was happening in a WWE ring. This match will hopefully light another fire that will take on WWE, whether is TnA trying to get Hogan and or the Giant to sign with them, or if its Hogan going forward with his proposed legends tour, SOMEthing good should come of this. Also on the card are legends Jimmy Hart, Koko B. Ware, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Greg the Hammer Valentine, and more! Hopefully this is a success, and the legends can go on tour and outdraws WWE's Bobby Assley and John Fagna love-a-thon, and WWE will be forced to get their shit together, or go back to being the #2 promotion they were when WCW/nWo kicked their asses. The Ultimate Clash of Legends goes down April 27th from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, and tickets goin on sale this Saturday, April 14th.

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