Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Racism, Girls and Gays. Random Villains thoughts on the world.

Some people are gonna get all pissy with this blog, some wont. Either way, I dont care. I am just going to list off some things to think about, mull over, and deal with.

All over the fuckin news all I hear or read about is how Don Imus a radio talk show host, called a girls basketball team nappy headed hoes.

Big, fucking deal.

50 Cent calls girls hoes and bitches in every single song, nobody makes a big deal about that?

Look I hate Don Imus because hes a moron. Seriously why the fuck do people care so much what this douche bag has to say? WHO CARES? I can garauntee you those girls have been called much worse by people and they didnt give a shit. But why do they give a shit now? Cause Imus is a celeb, and they can get famous from it too.

Mel Gibson, leave the guy alone. People to this day make jokes and shit, and call him racist and that he hates jews. No he doesnt. He was drunk, lots of people say wacky shit when theyre drunk, big fuckin deal.

What really annoys me is black people get mad when you call them, "you people" yes, there are black people, and white people. Deal with it.

I hate when a black guy gets mad that theyre stereotyped as bad people that are going to rob you. Lets take a look at Prisons, now how many black people are in prisons, and how many white people are? I can garauntee you in every prison in the country, there are more black people in there than there are white people.

Now dont get me wrong, white people are crazy as shit. Most black criminals rob stores and people for money. White criminals cut up gay dudes and eat them. When was the last famous serial killer that you ever heard of black? None. White people are crazy.

How come a black comedian can go on stage and make fun of white people to no end and it can be called comedy, but if a white comedian went on stage and made fun of black people theyre immediatley a racist? Grow up.

How come when a celeb makes a racist comment, they immediatley go to JESSE JAMES and apologize? Mel Gibson said he was sorry, Michael Richards said he was sorry. Get over it.

Gays. You know why gays piss me off? Not because theyre gay, but theyre selfish. When was the last time you saw gay people supporting some other cause in the world besides their own? There are far more important issues in the world that need to be dealt with before Bob and Roger can get married.

Girls. Stop showing your tits on camera. Girls always get pissed when you call them a slut, well. Look at you people. When a girl is drunk and sees a camera first thing they gotta do is flash their fuckin tits. That is not hot, at all. It is gross. Girls it does not make you cool, or bad ass, it makes you a fuckin slut. So next time you are called a slut, dont get mad, just say. Well, alot of us are but Im not.

People need to stop getting all crazy about gays and racism in the world. So here is a final word to all...

Gays: Someday it will be legal for all of you to get married, more than likely when Bush is out of office. Do I care if you get married? Nope. Go right ahead. Gay people getting married has zero effect on my life. Do I support them getting married? Yes. Why do I support it? So theyll finally shut the fuck up about it.

Blacks: Just because Imus called 1 group of girls hoes doesnt mean he called you all hoes. So calm down. Honestly why do you really give a shit what this moron redneck douche bag has to say? Go on with your lives. You call white people crackers honkeys and rednecks all the time, do you see me getting pissed about it? No.

Girls: Stop being fucking sluts and we wont call you sluts. Flashing your tits around makes me lose all respect for you. Get some self respect.

In closing. Im not racist, Im not a homophobe, I have zero friends that are sluts. I have gay friends, and black friends. And they all feel the same way I do, they dont care what people have to say all the time. Cheer up world. Stop getting so mad over stupid little things. Sit back next time something pisses you off and think, why should I care?

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