Monday, April 2, 2007

Random Villain eats at Applebees. (A review, John Chow style)

So here is my review of Applebees. Why am I reviewing this place? I dont know. Unlike John Chow atleast Im reviewing a place people have heard of, and know where they can find one, and isnt some hole in the wall. So here is my random ass review of a restaurant. Just like John Chow does, except, mine is a known place, and his are places ran by illegals.

So yeah, I get to Applebees, Saturday night at 7:32pm. We are seated immediatley. Im really hungry so I tell our friendly server I would like some nachoes with a mountain dew.

There are nachos. I post these pics so you know what the fuck nachos look like. Just like Chow posts pics of his stupid shitty food.

So after the nachos comes my main course. I go with the bourbon street steak. Its cajun style, cajun is supposed to be spicy. Is my steak that? No. Oh wait here is a pic of my steak.

Yeah so, the steak tastes like the same meat used in my nachos.

Its weird, this steak I ate tastes like shit. And the mashed potatoes were gross. They still had the skin in them. Fuckin gross right? Right. See look at the potatoes.

So yeah, there it is, Applebees is fuckin gross and probably tastes like the inside of John Chows asshole.


  1. I so spelled nachos "nachoes" in that one paragraph. hahahahahah fuck yes. Im so tired, I want sleep. Ive been up since 3:30am and it is now, 12:54pm.

  2. Red skin potatoes with the skin in the mashed potatoes IS the best way. Not saying Applebees are the best. Homemade is the best, like from one of my Famous Potato recipes. A place like the Cheesecake Factory or something is decent though.

    Applebees sucks. If you want steak go to a steak place. I bet Jon CHow would go to a real steak place.

  3. Well when I went to Applebees, it was when I picked up my girlfriend from work and Applebees is right there. Didnt have steak in mind, just food.