Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ja, from Ja and Kel responds....

Read below this for my review of a boring blog site. Well, Ja had a response...

"Your review is up and the Ferrari was a rental (no shit) which I state on my about page. (I might have got to the about page if I wasn't falling asleep reading everything else.) You can rent one also for $1000 one day that is if you are not still working at McDonalds that is.(This would be funny if I still worked at McDonalds, I actually did work at McDonalds when I was 17, I quit after one day, went home smelling like french fries, ugh! I have better respect for myself unlike people that need to rent cars to look cool.)"

Even if I had $1000 bucks, I wouldn't blow it on renting a fuckin car. You should take that $1000 and go learn how to make a better site.

So what did Cool Manchu have to say about us? Its pretty damn funny.

"Ultra Entertainment - Now here’s some online entertainment written by a four year old still wearing diapers and shitting himself with no hope of making enough money to pay for a 5 cent jolly rancher."

I love this. Why? His "review" of our site is just a personal attack on me, big deal. Because what he has to say about the SITE is that it is some "Online Entertainment". Awesome review ya bag of dicks!

Now, people Im going to state this once and for all. WE ARE NOT HERE, TO MAKE MONEY, WE ARE HERE, TO WRITE BLOGS. Get it through your moronic unorignal boring as fuck heads. This poor sap got Kels panties that he stole and is currently wearing all in a wad because someone thought his blog sucks. BOO FREAKIN HOO. It all boils down to this buddy....

You had to rent a car to sit in to look cool. That's like taking the hot high school cheerleader on a date and saying "Yeah babe I'll pick you up when my mom gets home form work so I can use her station wagon"

Like I said, I'm way cooler than this Ja guy anyways, because a Ferarri is for douche bags, this is more my style.

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