Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Review Of "Ja Kel Daily Dot Com"


First off, the name of this site pisses me off. It's ran by some dude named Jason and some girl named Kelly. So being the clever ones that they are, this is the convo I imagine...

Jason: "Oh my god like Kelly since we are doing blogs together on the same site we should totally come up with a name!"

Kelly: "Totally but what could it be?!?!?"

Jason: "Oh wows! What if we just, take the first two letters of my name, and the first three letters of your name, and that be it! Ja and Kel Daily!

Kelly: "Oh my god Jason how did you get so smart?!?"

Jason: "I do not know Kelly but this is brilliant!"

Ugh.... anyways, they're some clever folks, and apparently, like most blogs in the world, Ja Kel Daily Dot Com eventually wants to make money, and is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

So first off on the site I get an image of someone in a ferrari, Im guessing this might be Jason taking the car for a test drive or borrowing it. Because no one that is clever enough to come up with Ja Kelly Daily knows how to drive.

Scrolling further into the site, I see 2 things that grab my interest. Jack and Shit. There are no pictures of anything, and since I'm lazy and hate reading, I need some pics to catch my interest.

They say that this is the best of both worlds. Two blogs on one site. Um, that isn't both worlds. Thats just one world. A blog on a site be it one blog, two or three, is still just a blog site. And that is one world Ja and Kel. Both worlds is something that is different from each other, but combined into one.

Lets see, a blog about screen resolution, wow how riveting!

Going further down I see some small site reviews, a pic of another stupid car, a phone with a Dr. Pepper.... yeah Im bored. Nothing on this site is of interest to me. But I will say this, atleast this site is better than John Chows blog. Because even though there is not one thing interesting to me on this site, atleast it doesnt have pointless reviews of stupid hole in the wall restaurants that no one has ever heard of, or go to.

So in closing, Ja and Kel, post some interesting shit, some interesting pics and it might be worth reading. Also if Kel is hot then it would not hurt posting some hot pics of Kel. But if she is fat or ugly, stick to the stupid shots of Ja in other peoples cars.


  1. Your review is up and the Ferrari was a rental which I state on my about page. You can rent one also for $1000 one day that is if you are not still working at McDonalds that is.

  2. LMFAO guy had to rent a car to look cool in cause Moms station wagon was too embarassing.