Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rocky Figure Collectible 6 Pack Exclusive Announced!!

Jakks has done it once again, and doing it big this time. has announced a huge 6 figure box set, that will feature 1 Rocky Balboa figure from each of the 6 movies. This set just looks cool, and is definitely a must own for collectors. You can pre-order now and the box set is going for $59.99, so its probably priced for the true collectors out there, but this an awesome display item, and what might be the biggest box set that Jakks will produce for the Rocky Series. I wrote about the last exclusive announced, which will be the awesome Apollo vs. Drago 2 pack, but this new 6 pack may very well be the crown jewel of the series (Although I may take that statement back if they come out with "Robert Balboa: Complete with Coat" in series 5, as this was momentous in Rocky movie history :-/ ) As always we'll keep the updates coming on the latest figures in the Jakks Rocky Series and WWE Classic Series Lines.

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