Thursday, July 3, 2008

Robin is already lurking in the new Batman franchise?!

A rumor is going around. That Christian Bale has stated that if Robin appears anywhere in any of the new Batman movies, he will chain himself up and refuse to work. Sheesh. But after Batman And Robin who could blame him? I certainly wouldn't wanna see Robin in any of the new Batman movies....

However, ever since I saw Batman Begins, I knew something was odd, and still to this day, it hasn't really been brought up anywhere. Remember the kid in Batman Begins, who Batman gives the goggles to. And who Rachel saves at the end of the movie? Well call me crazy, or call me a speculating fanboy, but to me, that was Robin. Now which Robin I am not sure since there was about 3 of them if I remember. But take a look at the screen shot....
Now it doesn't look it in this picture because of the weird lighting, but if you watch Batman Begins, you will see that it is in fact a green long sleeve shirt under that red t shirt. And if you all know how DC treats its characters before they become who they were meant to be, there is always the hint. Such as Smallville, with Clark ALWAYS wearing red and blue. Anyways, just a thought. But to me, that is for sure Robin, and if Christian Bale is against Robin appearing in the Batman films, looks like he might be too late for that.

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  1. that's a really interesting point, I never realized that!