Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What trailers we can expect with The Dark Knight.

As most of you know, the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight, hits theaters on July 18th. That's a little over two weeks away, and as excitement builds, many are speculating and wondering about what trailers we could get before the movie. I for one am much more interested in the movie itself, but once I heard about the trailers they're potentially releasing, I did get a little excited.

First round spec was that the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince would be debuting, but at this time it's looking like that could be held for a release with the newest Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Clone Wars on August 15th.

What you can expect instead is the trailers for Terminator: Salvation (starring Christian Bale) and the big screen adaptation of Zack Snyder's hugely popular graphic novel, Watchmen. I know I am definitely excited about Watchmen, and as the early buzz surrounding the movie's Mar/2009 release grows, so does my excitement. Also, you can probably expect to see the trailer for the new Ridley Scott film, Body of Lies, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe.

You can be sure that when these trailers make their online debuts in the coming weeks, we'll be bringing them to you here. Until then, stay tuned to for all your Dark Knight updates and news.


  1. Where did you copy and paste this from?

  2. I wrote that myself, assclown.

  3. Assclown? I can tell time, you can't. Since you claim to be SOOO EXCITED about The Dark Knight, you would know that it is only 9 days away. Last time I checked, 9 days is no where near being close to a "little over two weeks away."

  4. Well ya got me there. I'm on vacation and have no sense of time this week. I still thought I had a while longer to go.

    Awesome, only 9 days.