Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Friends Movie?!

It appears to be so. Warner Bros has flipped on the green light and all of the original cast members are on board. That is really all the news we have on this right now. Apparently they have had this planned for a while now but Aniston pussy farted around not wanting to do the movie and now that Sarah Jessica Parker got shit loads of attention for the Sex In The City movie, Aniston says FUCK THAT BITCH WHO WAS ONLY HOT IN HOCUS POCUS! LETS DO THIS FRIENDS MOVIE!

I for one am all for it. I loved that fuckin show. If Paul Rudd and Giavanni Ribisi don't also return, then fuck that.


  1. I would think Paul Rudd would be necessary, considering Mike married Phoebe. I'd be interested the most to see if we finally got to hear some f-bombs or something. Give it at least a PG-13 rating.

  2. AND it's nice to see someone else finally say something about SJP only being hot in Hocus Pocus. I've thought that shit for years.