Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight is pretty much unstoppable.

The new Batman movie keeps on making money along at record paces!

The Dark Knight took in an almost unheard of $24 million at the box office in the U.S. on Monday.

Thats' on a Monday!!!!

The film has already made a massive $182.9 million in less than a week of release.

Spider-Man 3 had only $10.2 million on the Monday after it opened and that movie went on to make $336 domestically.

The Dark Knight looks poised to easily make $400 million.

And, with 64% of Dark Knight fans saying they plan to see it AGAIN, the movie could take in upwards of $500 million in America.

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I'm going to see it again this weekend!


  1. Uh, 24 million on a Monday isn't UNHEARD OF!

    The Dark Knights 24 million dollar Monday was the 4th highest grossing movie on a Monday...

    Pirates 3 made 25 million.

    Indy 4 made 26 million.

    Spidey 2 made 27 million.

    Idiot. Big fat stupid face idiot. Get some facts straight. Idiot. Idiot. IDIOT!

  2. uhhh it says almost unheard of.


  3. Nice use of EDIT POST. Idiot. IDIOT!! WAH! Im bored shut up.