Thursday, July 31, 2008

Danny Way Takes A Huge Fall at X Games 14

It is one year later after Jake Brown took the biggest fall known to man, and tonight Jake Brown returned. And it was a big moment when Jake Brown landed his trick which put him in first place....

Until Danny Way stole his spotlight. Although not quite the horrific tumble that Jake Brown took, Danny Way still stopped hearts in that arena tonight, and at homes around the world with a pretty rough landing that left him with a sprained back and a broken foot. And those are just the injuries known right now. Because after his spill, he told the doctors he would be going back up to try it again. Which he did, successfully, and landed himself in 1st place. It came down to the final run though, and Bob Burnquist (my favorite skater for many years) once again after falling a dramatic moment, steals the gold medal for the 2nd year in a row.

Here is Danny Ways fall, followed by his 2nd run after his fall.

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