Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christian Bale Didn't Beat His Mom or Sis. The REAL Story Here....

Alright, news sites are losing their brains today over news that Christian Bale assaulted his Mom and Sister. To us silly Americans, when we hear the word assault, that means someone got a beat down. But here is what went down....

In England, they don't have the great thing we have here, like freedom of speech. See there if you yell at someone, sternly, and they feel threatened, they can call the cops. Verbal assault is a no no there.

So, what happened was there was an argument, his idiot Mom and Sister called the cops on him. He went about his business and found out he had the cops called on him and VOLUNTARILY went to the police station and told his side of the story. And then they said he could leave.

This is no big deal.

There was no REAL assault going on.

No one was hit, or, slapped, or abused.

It was an argument amongst family members, that is all.

There is the straight up truth about what happened, now let this die. TMZ needs to fuckin relax.

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  1. England is apparently a pussy Nanny culture. No free speech at all, police have a billiona acceptable reasons to break in your house from anything to pikcing your nose to having your hedge too high.