Thursday, July 10, 2008

TMZ.COM is full of morons.

I fucking HATE going to But as someone that has to scour the internet to find stories and shit to write about on here, I kinda have to. On top of that they have a retarded TV show that my mother constantly watches, so when I drop by my parents, she has it on and I'm stuck listening to their idiotic shit while their head honcho drinks out of a water bottle. Seriously every time I see that guy hes drinking out of a water bottle.

Anyways, what leads me on this rants? Today I stop by and see their story about Tobey Maguire. Here is what they have to say....

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was anything but last night -- with an extremely frustrated Tobey Maguire screaming as he unloaded on paps for blocking his exit from Madeo.
Not exactly what we'd expect from Peter Parker, but Tobey's rage would be perfect for another comic franchise -- the Incredible Hulk!

Now is that not the most retarded bullshit you have ever read? He is a human being, trying to drive a car, and he has 20 god damn idiots jumping in front of his moving vehicle snapping off the flashes on their camera in the middle of the night! Anyone on the face of the planet would react the same way he did. But for some reason, TMZ thinks Tobey is now a huge asshole for not wanting to kill a group of people who deserved to be ran over. Shame on you Tobey, shame on you for acting like a human being when 20 idiots jumped in front of your moving car and for you getting upset that you could have killed someone.

Another reason I hate TMZ, is one day on their show, they had a picture of Jason Priestley working out at the gym. And the idiot "reporter" is talking about the picture to water bottle man, "We got this picture, of Jason Priestley at the gym, and he's working out and he's all hairy and sweating all over the place" which was followed by HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH from everyone laughing at poor Jason Priestley.


THE GUY IS FUCKING WORKING OUT AT A GYM! OF COURSE HE'S GONNA BE SWEATING HIS ASS OFF! God damnit TMZ why do you make me hate you so much. I seriously could post a daily article about something stupid TMZ posts since damn near everything they post is pointless and retarded.

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  1. What's more "pointless and retarded"... TMZ posting about your beloved Spider Man, or you posting about them posting about your beloved Spider Man?