Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knights Breaks More Records

The Dark Knight can now add "the fastest movie to $200 million" to its tally of records it is destroying. So let's break them all down for ya....

1. widest release (4,366 theaters)

2. biggest opening weekend ($158.4M)

3. biggest July opener ($158.4M)

4. biggest PG-13 rated opening ($158.4M)

5. biggest single day ($67.2M)

6. biggest opening day ($67.2M)

7. biggest Friday ($67.2M)

8. biggest Sunday ($43.6M)

9. fastest to $200M in five days ($203.8M)

That's 9 records broken in less than a week.

I'm sure right about now, Christopher Nolan is sitting at home saying.....


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  1. The taaadaaaa part is one of my favorite scene in that film. Cool site, found it via digg.

    John Darko
    Life & Times In Hollyweird