Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Discussion: The Next Joker?

SPOILERS LIE AHEAD IN THIS POST! Heath Ledger did an amazing job as The Joker. He made Jack Nicholson look lame as fuck. And now there is the question... what next? Who could come back in the third Batman movie as The Joker? Many people are saying there should not be another Joker. Heath was the best there was, is, and ever will be. But remember, everyone said that about Jack. EVERYONE said, meh fuck Heath, Jack Nicholson IS The Joker and no one can beat him. And now look. Heath destroyed Jack. But sadly, Heath is gone, and we will never see what more he has to offer as The Joker, so now, do they replace him? Do they leave the character to rot away in Arkham? Discuss in the comments kids.

As for my personal opinion... even though Heath was great. And did indeed give a performance worthy of an Oscar. I still stand by my feelings that my #1 pick for The Joker would have done it even better. And now with Heath gone, The Joker should be replaced and played by my pick. Which is this man below....
Yes, Crispin Glover. Mostly known as George McFly. Just look at him. He was born to play The Joker. His performance in Willard is creepy as all hell. Crispin could do it give him the torch! And if they decide to not bring back The Joker in the next movie. And go somewhere else. I am going to start a petition called CRISPIN GLOVER FOR THE RIDDLER! God damnit, make it happen.


  1. Dude, if you think about it, Glover could be an amazing Riddler. Think of the guys who've played him in the past. Glover kinda has the same look as they did, and the same facial features as he does in the comics. That kind of defined chin that juts out. I think he'd be brilliant as Riddler.

  2. I agree completely. When I look at Glover I see Riddler, when I look at Jack Black I see the Penguin, and when I look at Johnny Depp I see the next Joker. Just think about the willy Wonka Movie he did. You take that exact character from the white face all the way down to the purple suit, add scars, red lips, and make him more sinister, and you have the second best Joker of all time