Sunday, July 13, 2008

Devon Lohan Radio IS COMING! What do you wanna hear?!

So while Devon was making pathetic attempts to make his own web series, I was making this site bigger and better and NOW we have an internet radio station set up! There are a few things though before we start it goin live.... we wanna know what you wanna hear?!

We will be playing a WIDE variety of music, from rock, to country, from metal to indie rock, from movie soundtracks to TV themes, from oldies, to 80s, to anything and everthing EXCEPT EMO. There will be no, Panic At The Disco or My Chemical Romance kinda shit played on this.

Also on this station will be a little bit of a Talk Show format here and there. Sometimes specific things, sometimes I will be drunk on a weekend and take over the airwaves with prank calls and drunken ramblings.

ALSO if you are curious as to what the hell you gotta do to listen, there are two choices you have. One choice is to just click a simple link, which will open up a small webpage and the station will start playing. Thats it. Only problem with that is the sound is in MONO, meaning, the sound is kinda shitty, you can hear the music and the talk but it sounds like caca.... BUT....

The other option is to download the Destiny Media Player, which you can do so now, so you are ready. And using that player you can simply click the radio button, go to our station which will be located in MIXED FORMAT, and listen in STEREO, aka MUCH BETTER THAN MONO.

This is just the start for the station, so things won't always be perfect for it, but it'll grow.

So now, in the comments below, tell us what bands/music you wanna hear? Or topics you wanna hear us discuss? Hell if you even wanna listen to an audio book maybe I can hook that up for you.

Also if you, or someone you know has a band thats whats their music played to the world, send it my way, I'll stick it in the rotation.

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