Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What do the other Batmans think?

So MTV finally has something interesting up... they interview Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, and West and ask their thoughts on The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. Keaton seems awesome, I think the idea of him coming back to Nolans Batman films as a villain would be seriously awesome. I wish he would make more movies, what the hell was the last movie the guy made? Jack Frost? I can't even remember. Sigh....

Clooney fucking rules the world. He's the only actor I've ever seen that knows how shitty his past movies are, and admits it. He freely destroys Batman And Robin at every chance he gets. And now Clooney wants to play Geritol Man! And his power is pooping his pants!

Kilmer is a fat. But he's mother fucking MADMARTIGAN! So he will always be cool to me.

Adam West is a mother fucking legend. And he wants to be Batmans Daddy. And thinks Batman needs a PB & J sandwich in his utility belt...

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  1. Michael Keaton was in the smash hit classic Herby Fully Loaded.