Thursday, July 10, 2008

Criss Angel makes my brain hurt.

I was bored and looking at random Criss Angel clips on Youtube, and the more I watched the more I found myself completely unable to comprehend what I was seeing. I don't know where these 4 clips came from, his show Mindfreak, or what... but I decided to post the four that really left me speechless.

Watch these clips and then sound off in the comments. Maybe you have an idea how he did the things he did?

Criss rips a woman in half.

Criss walks through a glass window.

Criss walks on water.

Criss levitates across a parking lot between two buildings.


  1. How does he do those things? It's called CAMERA TRICKS. Ever see him pull off that kinda shit LIVE? Yeah me either. David Copperfield would kick the shit outta Angel.

  2. Yea, the vast majority of what Angel and other "street magicians" do is camera tricks, and oftentimes the audience is made up entirely of plants.

    It's why you don't see guys like him going on tour, even though it would make him a fortune. Instead they do a few shows at a single venue where they can create an act that works perfectly for that facility.

  3. Exactly, thus further proving why David Copperfield is still the best, I saw that guy live and it blew my freakin mind, I used to have his autograph. Plus Copperfield uses magic to solve real life problems, like showing muggers his pockets are empty and he has nothing, when in reality he has all kinds of valuable shit in his pockets.

  4. I don't know about Criss Angel, but the new layout looks great.

  5. I second that, new site banner and colors look slick!


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