Friday, July 25, 2008

Soup Town Superior, Stinky Beach, BlackLick, French Lick- Weird Town Names

Do you ever wonder why some towns and places have unusual names? No? Well who cares. I do. I was just sitting here thinking about a story my uncle told me about Soup Town aka Superior Wisconson. Soup Town? Yeah, wtf is that.

I grewup near a place called Stinky Beach and I lived on a street that sounds like it has peyronie's. So yeah I've been around a lot of weird named places.

Stinky beach? Well that's obvious. It was a beach and it stunk. I guess people liked to dump trash there and it was kinda run down. Though it was a very popular hangout.

I remember French Lick because Larry Bird was The Hick from French Lick. I also went through there when I was in Indiana. I don't know what a French Lick is and probably don't want to. The same goes for another place I saw called Blacklick. Then one time in Amish country I saw a place called Inc&$t-wth.

So anyway, I was talking to my uncle Rob about my recent trip to Wisconsin. I bought something large off eBay and it made more sense to take my truck up there than to have it shipped. Besides I like roadtrips anyway.

I was talking to Uncle Robbie about my trip and he said " So did you visit Soup Town?" Huh? " He said "yeah, you know Superior aka Soup Town." I had no idea what he was talking about. I just figured oh, the "Sup" in Superior sounded like "soup" so people just nicknamed Superior Wisconsin Soup Town because of that. He said that was part of it but that when he lived and worked in Minnesota back in the 70s/80s ( I think maybe it was in Duluth, but I forget) he and his buddies from work would drive over to Superior for a good time. Apparently Superior had a lot of bars and that's where you went for the soup, to get souped up, aka drunk/wasted. I guess it's a short trip and all the bars in Soup Town Wisconsin are open later and there are a lot of them.

I kinda thought this was a little mundane and boring but Uncle Rob is that kind of talker. And if I decided to write about Souptown there is definitely a reason I wrote about Soup Town as anyone should know.

Rob didnt know about Blacklick or those other places, but I asked.

Random will be along shortly to be amazed by my contribution.


  1. I drove through Toad Suck, Arkansas once.

  2. ^^FYI, Devon was traveling from his hometown of Shitbritches Creek, California