Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guess What George Lucas Is Doing Now......

If you thought George Lucas was doing fucking up the original trilogy and the god awful new trilogy of Star Wars films you thought wrong.

Lucas is now starting work on taking all 6 episodes of Star Wars and turning them into.... 3-D!!!


Why? Jesus fuckin Christ on vanilla ice cream George leave the god damn Star Wars movies alone already. Let it go man. Move the fuck on. I understand you realize you have no real talent in directing and can't really do much else and I respect that. But fucks sake, go produce Howard The Duck 2. Do SOMETHING else. Stop fucking up Star Wars worse than they already are.

No word yet on when these 3-D Star Wars movies will come along. I'll keep you posted. I guess.

INTERESTING TRIVIA: The BEST Star Wars movies, Episodes V and VI, aren't even directed by George Lucas.

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