Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sam Raimi Announces Evil Dead 4? We Will See........

Earlier in my comic con post, someone dared get pissy with me after I said nothing major outside of Tron 2 was announced at comic con. As they called me an asswipe after pointing out Sam Raimi announcing Evil Dead 4.

Well for one thing, Sam Raimi announced this AFTER I posted that article. And even if he said it before, I still wouldn't say anything about it. Why?

I am a HUGE Evil Dead fan. I dare anyone to challenge me on Evil Dead. From lunchboxes, to figures, to posters, to the multiple versions of the damn movies on DVD, Blu Ray, and HD DVD. I got it all. I have read The Evil Dead Companion multiple times. I am a hardcore fan of these films and of Sam Raimi. He is the only director who I have seen EVERY one of their films. So why am I not excited about Evil Dead 4? I'll tell you why....

1. Sam Raimi has been saying for YEARS, that he wants to make another Evil Dead. It has been announced over, and over, and over again that Sam Raimi is making another Evil Dead, and nothing comes from it. So even though he says that him and his brother are going to start working on the script this week, means nothing to me. I'll believe it when I see it is the approach I am taking on this.

2. Sam Raimi is a HUGE practical joker, and him saying this then going home and watching fanboys lose their minds over the thought of Evil Dead 4 while he sits in his chair and laughs is just like him. Bastard.

Even though, I will of course hold out hope that FINALLY he is serious about this and really will be making Evil Dead 4 already. Of all the movies in the world that deserve sequels and fanboys demand to see, Evil Dead 4 is at the top. Fuck another Star Wars, or Indiana Jones, give us Evil Dead 4 damnit!!!!!!!

I will be keeping my ears clean and open to ANY Evil Dead 4 rumblings that go on to see if this is indeed going to be happening.

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