Monday, August 29, 2011

Katt Williams Doesn't Like Mexicans Very Much

...or at least not Mexicans who are living and working in the U.S. but still claiming Mexican pride.  In this video from Williams recent show in Phoenix, he gets into it with a Mexican man in the crowd over a few touchy subjects.
Part of his argument makes a bit of sense in some ways, but things got extreme when Katt threw in some pretty racist comments about landscaping and such that any person of Mexican heritage could find offensive.

Personally I've seen quite a few of these comedy shows that are so racially charged.  I always find it humorous when there is a Mexican comedian totally trashing Mexicans on their show and the entire Mexican crowd laughs right along, yet another race does something like this and all hell breaks loose.

The real question is, did Katt Williams make valid points?  Or did he take things too far?  The guy in the crowd is all into the "this is my hood" statements and such (as if he owns it,) and doesn't seem very intelligent.  Regardless, the video is pretty damn funny to watch:

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  1. This man is a racist plain and simple. All Mexicans work as landscapers? They can't be doctors or lawyers or business men? I do not think this is comedy and all non racists should not attend his show.