Monday, November 7, 2011

So Conrad Murray Killed Michael Accident...Says the Jury

Well all the big shit about the Conrad Murray trial is done (or at least the initial court part.)  It's been one of those stories where you can't avoid seeing as it's thrown in your face on every channel and every news or gossip website.  As the verdict came down as guilty, crowds roared within seconds as people continue to act like a direct family member was involved and now their lives will change forever.

Pretty much Conrad Murray screwed up as a doctor, now he's getting punished for it, that's about it.  Michael Jackson isn't going to come moonwalking back to life to the tune of "Moonwalker" which seems to be what some people think based on their reactions.  These people have nothing better to do but stand outside with signs like it's going to make a difference. 

Now everyone sits and waits for a couple of weeks until everyone plans their life around and puts up countdown clocks until Murray's sentencing.  Most of these people hated Michael Jackson when he was alive yet are his biggest supporters when it's time for a dramatic trial.  Devon Lohan backed up Michael Jackson's iconic status years before he died, so all this bullshit drama is a waste of time to us.  But no doubt it will be the hottest tabloid story for months to come.  We'll watch some classic Michael Jackson videos instead:

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