Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon Review

Saw Transformers 3D today. Sigh..........

Transformers is kinda like dating a really cute girl, who is bitchy and annoying, then she ends up cheating on you and you finally dump her, but then she comes crawling back, promising that she has changed. The first movie was so so, it had its moments. The second movie was freakin awful but the final 10 minutes are enough to make up for the rest, but the third movie finally got it's crap together, and got down to business but it was a little lack luster because, what the third movie was, is what the series of movies shoulda been from the start. If I had never seen the first two Transformers movies, and this was my first time seeing them on the big screen, it would have been pants pooping amazing.

The human characters are so insanely annoying this time around, they take away from anything and everything serious going on between the Autobots and Decepticons. Which is actually some pretty serious business.

Humans die, big time. Autobot and Decepticon characters die. Like I said, serious stuff. Think Black Hawk Down if it was an alien robot invasion in Chicago IL. The story in this is actually quite interesting, and with the deaths of certain characters going on, it felt like an "all bets are off" type of movie. Anyone can go at any time, and anything can happen. The action is of course spectacular, and this was the best 3D movie I have seen.

Leonard Nimoy is the voice of Sentinel Prime and does a great job. For you Star Trek fans out there, keep your ears open, there is a very cool Star Trek II reference. My Mom geeked out.

At the end, this is the best of the three Transformers movies, I just wish this was what we were given to begin with.

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