Monday, June 27, 2011

Where are They Now: Big Brother Bloggers

Now that D Lo is back in business, I thought we'd spend a little time catching up with our writers in a little "Where are They Now?" series.

When the Entertainment Blog was left for dead our contributors scattered over the blogosphere. Some went to the "Jerks" project and their food blog offshoot. Others went into politics ( no, seriously). Many tried and failed to reach the huge audience of DLo. One project came close, though.

A few of our old friends decided to start a Big Brother Blog, called.. Big Brother Fans Unite! I don't know why they needed to unite. Maybe they were starting some labor union for reality tv show bloggers. Anyway, it seemed exciting and apparently being united is a common desire of Big Brother Fans.

That Big brother blog took off to the point it is now serving Big Brother 13 Updates ( for the, duh, 13th season of Big Brother) and now they are styling themselves as the Big Brother 13 Blog. If I were more cynical I might think the whole thing is a scheme to push the Big Brother Live Feeds, but if you look at the blog they have over 460 posts with lots of good content, and they have a nice twitter presence. So I'd say it's a pretty legit site to go for Big Brother reality tv show information.

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