Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Confirmed: Lindsay Lohan Set to Pose Nude for Playboy!

Well the defining moment for our site....well....at least the name....is here.  TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has agreed to pose for Playboy for a smooth 1 million bucks.  I guess now that her acting career is long gone, but since she's an even bigger celebrity due to always getting arrested and then sentenced etc., the time was right to cash in and get naked already.  This news has been years in the making, hell FOUR YEARS ago this very site reported that Lohan was in talks to be in a Playboy movie.

Will there still be interest in seeing her naked since A. she's not the star in movies that she once was, and B. she's  done a couple of semi nude shoots already for various publications (Lindsay Lohan Topless Pics in New York Magazine)  Playboy itself has been in the crapper for years now, either providing us with naked women we've never heard of, or featuring women we've heard of but don't get naked in the spread (::cough:: Olivia Munn ::cough::)  The stir cause by finally getting Lohan naked will probably be enough to get some interest going again, but they would definitely have to follow it up with more celebrities that people actually give a shit about getting naked. 

Apparently money is the key (shocker,) as Lohan turned down 750k to take it all off, but the million dollar point was just right.  So take notes Playboy, actresses who know they have tons of fans wanting them to get naked want to get paid to do so, so pay up and get the job done.  Word is that Lindsay has already started her nude shoot, so before long we will see if Playboy can deliver the Lindsay Lohan nude pictorial that her fans have waited years for.


  1. When the fuck did THIS site come back???

  2. So you pussies don't answer now? Same old shit site that never updates....just no shit talking. What a concept!

  3. Sorry, we don't have much time to post or talk too much shit these days due to your mothers obsession with my dong. 1995 MOM JOKE IN THE HOUSE! BOOM!