Monday, September 12, 2011

Did True Blood Blow Its Load Too Early?

The top shows on TV have been the hot topic since's return, so I figured I would chime in on something I've thought about lately.  Way back in 2008, we speculated that True Blood was the best show on cable.  At the time it was this cool fresh idea that had a small Louisiana town that had vampires living alongside humans, almost like a semi-accepted separate race.  Vampires had "Tru Blood" to drink, which was a synthetic "beer" type drink that had been created to replace human blood for them, therefore making them able to live alongside humans.

The story was unique, and many fans were hooked right away.  Of course you had "good" and "bad" vampires, with the characters of Bill and Eric being the main power struggle in their town of Bon Temps at the time.   Along the way we found out the main character "Sookie" (Anna Paquin) had some unidentified special powers as well, which added some intrigue.  The show also had some good side stories and characters, was heavy on sex and nudity, and had plenty of twists and turns that made for one of the most talked about new shows that quickly developed a loyal fan base that has grown and grown.

The question I ask is, has the show blown it's load too early?  What I mean by that, and if you watch the show you know what I'm talking about, has TOO much happened now and is there too much going on to the point where the show can only go on for a couple more seasons?  We started out with the simple formula of vampires and humans.  Since then over 4 seasons we've been introduced to shape shifters, werewolves, fairies, mediums, witches, were.....panthers (yeah), a Mexican, gay, "brujo" (which looked more like a guy in a Mexican wrestling mask to me) and other creatures that aren't even identifiable.  Things really came to a head at the conclusion of this past season when I'm seeing the vampire crew with bazookas and guns.....really?  Vampires who have all these powers and speed and such, need guns? 

It's come to the point where there is SO much going on it's a task to keep up with who is on who's side, who is from who's past, who is dead and who is alive - and trying to remember what season the dead who come back are from etc.  I realize the whole story is based on the books by Charlaine Harris, so most of these things happened at some point in the original story, but the pace seems pretty frantic on the show.  Keep in mind we also get treated to regular flashbacks from hundreds of years ago explaining different characters origins, so it's a lot to digest.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the show but I'm asking if the show has given us so much that soon it will come to a "what else can we do?" point.  Maybe it's because they know the actors will age over time and they know they have to wrap things up before that happens to protect the
vampire image.  If not for that factor, the show could be drawn out and these stories told at a pace that would make everything more impactful.

So what do you think?  Is True Blood just too "out there" now with all the crazyness?  Or are you happy with how the show is evolved and will be fulfilled if the show only goes for a couple more seasons?

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