Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Troy Davis Executed in Georgia

So I hopped on Twitter tonight to see if anything was going on in the world, and all I was seeing was a ton of talk about Troy Davis and Charles Manson and death......I really had no clue what the hell had happened but thought maybe Manson had kicked the bucket in jail. 

As it turns out, I was unaware that death row inmate Troy Davis had garnered such a huge following to that point that even celebrities were on Twitter supporting the stoppage of his execution.  Davis was convicted of murdering an off duty police officer back in 1989, but claimed he was innocent right up until his death.  I was unaware of all the details of the story, but an article on his execution on Fox News did a good job of catching me up on all the details.

With such an uproar caused by all this, with protesters outside the prison and even people calling for President Obama to get involved, it's crazy they went ahead and carried this out.  Davis had avoided execution since 2007, but it seemingly could no longer be avoided, or at least that's how things were viewed in Georgia.  The reason Charles Manson was also trending is that many have said it was insane to think that someone like Manson could still be alive but Davis had to be executed.  It seems many don't realize that Manson didn't actually murder anyone, so that pretty much ends that convo.

What are your opinions on Troy Davis?  Will he be remembered as an icon that shouldn't have been executed?  Or was he someone that had a record and was involved with the wrong crowd which ultimately lead to his incarceration?  Share in comments below.

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