Monday, September 19, 2011

Foo Fighters Counter Protest Westboro. Stop it.

Listen, I hate Westboro just like everyone else, but this kind of stuff has to stop. The "counter protesting" of them. Check out the video below...

Now, its all funny and awesome, but at the same time if you think that Westboro is getting all upset and pissed about this type of stuff, then you're wrong. After hearing actual interviews with former members of Westboro and reading about Kevin Smiths interactions with them while taking his movie Red State on tour I learned that doing counter protests actually helps them. They love it. That type of video above is EXACTLY what they want. They want the hate, they want the attention, they want that type of publicity. If no one knew who they were, or cared about who they were, then they wouldn't be out doing their idiotic protests anymore because there would be no point.

Even with this post, I am giving them their attention and publicity. But this needs to be spread, if we really want to shut them up, then we need to shut up. Ignore them.

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