Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayweather makes boxing relevant again, owns Ortiz

First, the video....

Now, everyone is whining and crying about how what Mayweather did was cheap and dirty. Um, was it Mayweather who was throwing a HEADBUTT? No, Ortiz throws one, gets caught, Mayweather gives him some payback. Don't come up and try to hug it out while the fight is still going on. What Mayweather did was also legal! If someone came up to you, and threw a headbutt into your face, and then said oh man Im so sorry. Would you punch them square in the nose? Or just hug it out and go buy some ice cream?

Dont forget this is also in the sport of BOXING. You know, that sport that no one ever talks about anymore. So on top of it all, Mayweather also made boxing relevant again. Everyone is talking about this, most are all upset and pissed that Mayweather threw some punches in the middle of a boxing ring while the round was still going on. Maybe if Ortiz wasn't and idiot and realized the round was still going on he would have protected himself instead of tried to give hugs?

Mayweather is awesome. What he did was not dirty or cheap. What Ortiz did was dirty and cheap. Dont throw an illegal move and then try to apologize for it. Or else you will get punched in the face. Twice. Really hard.

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