Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scream 4 On The Way

I like Scream. Even though it has a major plot hole in it, so big in fact that technically the whole movie should not have happened. Remember when the killer asks Drew Barrymore who the killer in Friday The 13th is? And she answers Jason, well yeah, she is wrong, the killer is right on that one. But then he goes on to state that Jason didn't show up until the sequel. Well uh, killer you are wrong too, cause Jason shows up at the end of the first one. So both of you are wrong and I guess that woulda ended everything?

Anyways, even with that flaw Scream is a fun little horror classic. Scream 2 was alright, it had its moments. Scream 3 though, fucks sake that was retarded. Anywho good news, the original creators of the first movie are comin back! And maybe some of the cast? So here is the scoop.

Kevin Williamson who wrote the first two movies, as well as created Dawsons Creek, is back and will be working on the first draft for the fourth movie. After that, Wes Craven might be brought back as director, which would be good, I would like to see Wes Craven finally make a good movie. Scream and Nightmare On Elm St. are just about his only good movies. As far as the cast goes offers will be made to Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette but they will not be main characters.

Either way, I am pleased. They could be announcing a remake in Scream then I would have to get all pissy and whiney and ABERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. The only downside to a Scream 4 means even more Ghostface Halloween Costumes.


  1. dman this sucks around here. No more daily updates, wtf...this sites gone downhill sorry to say. Other sites have tons of info., and yes i would just visit those sites, but this site used to have a better spin on it than anyone else.....i hope it makes a comeback.

  2. So what do you want us to write about?

  3. Video Games, Movies, and random sexy women for our eye candy for starters!

  4. Cant someoen just teach Devon to not copy news from other sites? Site is dying without someone else posting.....doesn't seem that hard to just not copy things and write his own........because currently this sucks!