Saturday, January 3, 2009

First VHS, Soon CDs, Then Video Stores

This is just a quick lil thought/prediction of mine. Something for you fine folks to discuss before I skip out the door with the family and head off to the zoo for the day.

In 2008, CD sales dropped by 20%. While digital downloads of music off of sites like iTunes rose 38%. This has been slowly happening year by year with the averages in drops in CDs and growth in Digital Downloads. So I gotta wonder, how long until CDs are no more? I think the last CD I bought was back in 2004. When Shaun Of The Dead came out I had to have the soundtrack and the only option I had to get it was from the uk amazon site. The soundtrack was not out here in the US. Before that I can't remember the last CD I bought.

I can honestly say I don't hit torrent sites for free music downloads. I always hit up iTunes. Mostly because I can get the best audio from buying it than getting it free. But I can't say I've NEVER downloaded music. Downloading free music to most people is like masterbating. They go on and on denying that they never do it, but the ones that deny it, do it the most. But hey, it's understandable. Sometimes there is some hard to find albums out there, some that aren't on iTunes or any other site as well as not out in any record stores. I strongly believe in less than 10 years time, CDs will be no more.

I also feel that in 10 years time, video stores will also be no more. Netflix is just so much better. And with the rise in ondemand video rentals on peoples cable systems and xbox and playstation 3s, once the library of movies grow on those and more new releases are introduced to them, no one will want to bother heading out to the video store.


  1. Hows come Random Villain only posts a lot when Devon is around but when Devon quits he stops posting?

  2. Mainly because nothing has been happening that's worth writing about. I do however hope to make time for two RVTVs to be up this weekend. Depends on how much free time I get.