Saturday, January 31, 2009

Michael Phelps is Smoking a Bong in Some Pictures- Who Fucking Cares?

An earlier headline on the Drudge Report said that the News of the World had "shocking pictures" of an Olympic hero using a bong. Before there were more details almost everyone could guess that it was Michael Phelps.

And as it says in the title: Who the fuck cares?

This is the same guy who was arrested for drunk driving in Salisbury Maryland ( of all places) several years ago. As an aside, I am from the Salisbury area and it always amazed me how many people came from other areas to party or go to school here. We were all trying to get the fuck out.

I would say drunk driving is way worse than smoking some weed. And that did not "ruin" his career, as the News of the World is implying this might. Michael Phelps took his punishment, moved on, and I heard he did OK at the recent Olympics.

Most people have tried pot. Except for me. Really- I have never tried it. And I only have one other friend my age who hasn't. Most of the people I know probably use marijuana somewhat regularly. Amost every party I have been to since high school ( I am not talking about kids birthday parties and family get togethers here) has included someone passing around a bowl or something with pot. Our last 3 Presidents ( at least) have tried marijuana. Many high ranking politicians, executives, and various power brokers use or have used pot. That's the reality.

And someone cares that a fucking swimmer smoked a bong? We've all seen Charlize Theron smoke an apple. Your mother and father probably smoked. Your doctor probably tried coke ( and I don't mean New Coke or Coca Cola Classic).

I don't remember where I first heard this but there is a saying ( usually about effeminate British men): " He's not Gay. He's just British." I hate to stereotype, but there's probably a reason for that. And it's an insult to gay people everywhere, especially homosexual Americans. Because I don't think any homosexuals are as bitchy as a British Nanny. And I don't mean Super Nanny ( though they can take that bitch back while they are at it). I mean all these British tabloid writers and other various assholes who claim people are going to die if they eat a steak or the world is going to end because some kid smoked a joint or two teenagers held hands before marriage. I used to think a lot of UK/England/British/Queeny/Bitchy tabloids were pretty cool. I mean they all like to show naked breasts of chicks with huge tits. That part is nice. But all the bitching is annoying. And it doesn't matter of it's George or Georgina writing the trash.

I'm not just trashing our friends across the pond. We have a lot of this bullshit here in the United States as well. Drudge linked to the shit afterall ( though I think he is all about controversy regardless of his personal beliefs. I am sure Drudge smokes pot himself). We have a nazi midget for a mayor in New York City and all kinds of other Nanny State and 1984 bullshit, for example.

There certainly is a cultural divide, and I think it pretty much goes like this: You have Normal People. Normal People understand that there are many harmful things in the world and that people take certain risks. People like to enjoy themselves. This could include having a drink, smoking something, eating steak, having dessert, or even having sex in something other than the missionary position. Some people go hang gliding, bungee jumping, or even ride a bicycle without a helmet and elbow pads. And Normal People say " Have fun. Don't hurt anyone, and be responsible for the consequences of your actions." Normal people don't want to ban foi gras. They don't want the government telling people what they can eat or what they can do on their own property. Normal people can be "square" and boring, but they don't force others to be just like them. Normal People don't think the world is going to end because some kid smoked pot.

Then you have Nanny Bitches. Nanny bitches have no fun and no lives. Their entire lives revolve around telling everyone else how to live and spying on their neighbors. They also expect everyone else to pay them to be professional bitches. They believe all adults are children who need them to be their parents. They want the government to do unannounced refrigerator inspections and watch you wipe your ass to make sure you are following state regulations. They want people to go to jail for smoking and kids to be arrested for taking tylenol. They think 12 year olds should use car seats. These are the kind of people who look in your window and jerkoff. They will watch you get a blowjob, and then give you a ticket for sodomy. These are the people who think the world is going to end if someone uses pot or a kid sees a nipple. They bitch and whine, shit themselves, and float out of their shoes. They are fucking assholes.

Basically if you give a fuck that Michael Phelps smoked a bong, you are a Fucking Loser. And the world needs less bitches like you.

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