Monday, January 12, 2009

Would You Go To Bayside?

So I've been watching some Saved By The Bell for the past couple weeks. Actually I've watched every fuckin episode. I bought Seasons 1 - 5, The College Years, and the Wedding In Vegas / Hawaiian Style Movie Combo. Fuck The New Class.

Anyways, upon viewing this I remember how awesome this show is, and was in my teen years. But as I watch it now I have to say, if I ever lived in that world, and went to Bayside, I would fucking HATE Zack and Co. They're the most annoying uppity fuckers on the planet. They ALWAYS get the same classes together, in the same classroom at that. On top of that if you have any interest in after school activities, like planning the dance, hosting the campus radio show, running the school store, being class president, hanging out with the principal, being teacher for the day, anything, you couldn't because those 6 are ALWAYS doing everything.

Then the most annoying part would be that you could never go to the movies and watch it in peace and quiet. Because you would see Zack or Slater or Screech come in and you'll say to yourself, "Fuck! Now some stupid hijinks are going to happen and the movie will be ruined."

Then you gotta deal with Zack fucking everything up. You get a school ring and he gets you shit that leaves a green ring on your finger. You're about to strike it rich and have bad ass shit added to the school because they struck oil on the football field and then they grow hearts cause a fuckin duck and some frogs died. How come the rest of the school wasn't involved in that? They had just as much right as they did.

Plus if a new girl was at the school, you could never date her cause Zack would be all over it. The fat girls, the girls in wheel chairs, the little sisters, ALL OF THEM. Then they would vanish.

Anyways, all I gotta say is as awesome as this show is to watch, it had to have been annoying as all hell for the normal students of Bayside.

Also if you ever wanted to sit in the booth at The Max in the far corner, FORGET ABOUT IT.

Fuck it, just watch this.

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