Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Best Super Bowl Halftime Show in Recent Memory is Still Prince

The 2009 Bruce Springsteen show was alright, but Prince owned that shit 2 years ago. Unfortunately Prince is not a fan of the Youtube. We used to have videos up of Prince's Super Bowl Performance back when Random was telling you how much your emo shit sucked. Of course those were removed. You can just take my word for it or rely on your memories of that awesome performance.

In post- Nipple Gate Super Bowl entertainment that's about the best you will ever get. Maybe they will run out of old rockers and go back to marching bands.

Hell even Paul McCartney's show in 2005 resulted in 2 indecency complaints to the FCC. Why? His lyrics included a mention of "grass." These anti-weed bitches are everywhere aren't they.

Well, back to the game....

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