Monday, February 9, 2009

So.... Chris Brown beat up Rhianna

So I decided to watch the Grammy's last night... against better judgment. I'd have much rather been watching Big Love and The L Word, but something told me, "Hey just watch The Grammys, something good might happen (it didn't), and as is usual with me and award shows that meant I had to watch the preshow on E! too. First, I'd like to acknowledge how much of an inappropriate douchebag Ryan Seacrest is. Asking pregnant women if they "intend to breast feed" is entirely out of line for any man to ask, much less in front of millions of people on a red carpet. I don't understand where this guy gets his sense of propriety. Nothing is sacred to him, case in point, bringing up J-Hud's dead family. Not cool, Seacrest. Best moment of the the red carpet goes to Carrie Underwood for busting his balls about "Bikini Girl", that skanky chick from Idol.... but where's Maggie Gyllenhal ala The Golden Globes to tell him off?

Anyways, got off topic for a bit there. So during this red carpet Seacrest fiasco, he gets some equally douchey E! News reporter to come running up with "breaking news" that Chris Brown has been in an altercation with a woman (who they both insinuate is "Alien Princess RiRi") and that not only is he wanted for arrest, but he's also not going to be performing. I guess you can't really sing a lame R&B song at the Grammy's when PoPo is hunting you down, eh CB? So then like 10 minutes later, E! News guy returns to now tell us that sources have also stated Rhianna won't be performing either... and then it gets interesting. Apparently those same sources also SAW Rhianna and said her face looked bruised and she looked scuffed up. So leave it to Seacrest to declare that Chris Brown beat up his secret girlfriend, Rhianna.

Now this morning, news has come in that Brown turned himself in to authorities at about 7:30, and Rhianna was apparently seen going to the hospital. So here's what I think, Chris Brown is the new Ike Turner and for that he gets props, cuz sometimes you just gotta smack a bitch down, right? No? Okay well, Rhianna should have fought back, that bitch is way bigger than him. She could have wrapped her Beyonce-Legs around his head and popped it off....... so I don't feel sorry for her. Now him on the other hand... let's just say that it's a good idea he quickly posted the $50,000 bail and sprung himself... but now he just better watch out for Jay-Z.

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