Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rhianna Got What Was Coming!


I said it. Get pissed.

This reminds of me high school in so many ways it's not even funny, we ALL know the story.

Really hot awesome chick, dates douche bag assholes. Never wants the cool normal honest good guys, just likes them some asshole men. Why? Fuck if I know.

Now I guarantee you that time after time Rhianna was approached by a nice trustworthy guy, but instead she said she loves Chris Brown, even though he is an asshole. "HE CAN CHANGE!"

And now look, now she will need plastic surgery, because douche bag, Chris Brown, beat the shit out of her. Now she's going to go get surgery, make a new album, go on tour, and everyone will say what a brave woman she is, and such a survivor. When in reality, she made a STUPID decision by being in a relationship with a complete shit fuck.

So please, women everywhere, take a look at this whole thing, stop fuckin around with these asshole tapout bro dude monster energy drink chuggin wannabe douche bags. Go out and get yourself a MAN. Because no real MAN would have done what Chris Brown did, and I promise you, Chris Brown will end up getting his, one way or another.

The whole thing started, because Chris Brown got a booty call, and Rhianna saw it and got pissed, so he beat her up. WHAT A GUY!! Sounds like the kinda guy I would wanna be in a relationship with. Anyways, Rhianna, get better soon, make a recover, stay hot, and next time, find yourself a MAN, not some loser. Cause really, before this whole thing went down, I knew who Rhianna was, but I had no fucking clue who this Chris Brown guy was.

Chris Brown. Have fun in prison. Rhianna will now go find herself, a REAL MAN.

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