Friday, February 27, 2009

X Box 360 Fanboys = Retarded

So I just got into an argument with yet another 360 Fanboy and I had to put him in his place.

See his deal was that the 360 is outselling the PS3 big time. Hey that's fine with me, like I said, the Honda Civic outsells the Ferrari, does that mean the Civic is more bad ass? Fuck no. His proof is that the problem for Sony is the PS3 is much more expensive than the 360, when actually, it's not. So to all 360 Fanboys, follow along so you can shut up about the prices already.

80GB PS3 = $399
60GB X Box 360 = $299

Hmmmm 20 GB less, but whatever..... now you buy your consoles, and you get home, and you hook shit up.

PS3= Place where you would like, plug it all in and go.
X Box 360 = Plug it all in and then, wait where the hell can I put this fucking thing?!

Great now I gotta move cords around and move electronics to make room for this fuckin brick!

And now you wanna play some games online wireless....

PS3 = Go into your settings, connect your network. Boom done.
X Box 360 = Fuck! Gotta go back to the store and buy a damn Wireless Adapter?! $99

Alright got my wireless thing, let's get online to play some games!

PS3 = Pop in game, get started.
X Box 360 = Alright, X Box Silver works since it's free. Hmm wait a minute I can't play with my friends?! WTF upgrade to GOLD?! = $50.

Alright, finally ready to play! Wait a minute my controller doesn't work? Aw fuck no batteries?!

PS3 = Plug in, recharge.
X Box 360 = Buy AA batteries forever costing more and more $ or get rechargeable controllers around $30.

Alright fucks sake after buying a wireless adapter, buying a Live account, and having to go buy new batteries I am finally ready to play! Alright that was fun, I think I'll take a break and watch a movie!

PS3 =

X Box 360 =

Sigh... alright... now I am done watching my non High Def movie on my 360.... I think I will play some more Halo..... WAIT A MINUTE WTF IS THIS?!!?

Final costs for gamers for all this say after 5 years?

PS3 = $399

X Box 360 = Roughly Around $650

Now please, 360 fans. Shut the hell up. And go away. I am going to go play my free online games now and watch Dark Knight on BluRay. Have fun in your non-high def world kids.

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  1. Like I obviously stated in the article, which you must not have read.

    In the long run, the 360 will cost you much more than a PS3.

    The big thing that 360 fans seem to not notice, is while they're busy trashing the PS3 for being a superior system, they don't realize that Nintendo owns Sony and Microsofts fuckin asses. While the Wii, outsells both the PS3 and 360 COMBINED.