Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is this real life?

So, yesterday me and my wife had to take our 2 month old son for his immunization shots. He got 6 shots total in his thighs. Doctor told us he would be sore and have slight pain, so we could give him some Infants Tylenol. So we do, and wow...... he was fucked up. 15 minutes after we gave him his medicine he was passed out with a giant smile on his face. He was feelin pretty good.

The point of this is, I told a friend about this, and he sent me this video, which is pretty got damn hilarious. The kid in the video just left the dentist and is all fucked up on painkillers.


  1. Jenny McCarthy would not approve.

  2. oh shit I couldn't see this when I was at work. I just posted this on my myspace. so fucking hilarious.