Tuesday, February 24, 2009

But we're in a recession!! Satellite crashes to Earth, wastes 280 MILLION dollars.

Aw hell, it's all over the news, so I'm leaving out specifics... but I don't know what annoys me more, the fact that someone's ineptitude has caused us yet one more step back in the fight against global warming, or that we basically flushed 280,000,000 bucks down the drain in the process! I left all those zeros in there on purpose, because I want you to really think about how much money 280 million dollars is. The satellite weighs about 1000 pounds, a little less, and the project surrounding it has taken 9 years so far. 9 years spent on developing this thing... and it crashes just MINUTES after being launched in to orbit?! COME ON!

"Certainly for the science community it's a huge disappointment," said John Brunschwyler, Taurus project manager for Orbital Sciences Corp., which built the rocket and satellite. "It's taken so long to get here."

Uh John... I can't even get a cellphone plan from AT&T, so excuse me while I don't feel bad about your little project breaking. Do you know how many hungry and homeless people that money would feed?! GIVE ME A BREAK. Thank God for the Japanese, at least their Global Warming satellite made it in to orbit.

Al Gore is gonna be so pissed. He'll probably say this was a huge conspiracy. Maybe it was!

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