Monday, February 9, 2009

Stop Using The Economy As An Excuse For Being Lazy

Jesus Shit not a day goes by, not a fucking DAY, where I don't hear some idiot whining about the economy sucking and therefore their lives suck and everything is going wrong.

I really just read on a message board someone asking where free movies are to download that are playing in theaters. Their excuse? You guessed it, the economy sucks and they can't afford to see movies so they wanna steal them. Yet they can afford their internet monthly.

People like that are not suffering from the economy, they're suffering from being LAZY. It's almost like homeless people, there is no reason to be jobless. NONE. The "economy sucks no one is hiring" thing is so pathetic and played out. Guess what, I live in Phoenix, AZ. There are thousands and thousands of illegals here, all over, and even they have jobs. They go out at 5am, hang out in front of Home Depots and such, get picked up and go do yard work or other odd jobs for the day and get about 100-200 bucks a day. I am 27, I dropped out of high school, I never went to college. And guess what? I have a job. I have a good enough job that I can afford a brand new car, a house, and raising a baby. So if someone like me, with no degrees, no diplomas, no nothing, can go out and make a decent living, so can everyone else.

Stop being lazy. It's not the economy. It's YOU. I'm not telling you, what you don't already know.

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