Friday, February 20, 2009

Sigh... Patrick Swayzes Time Is Short

Word has it that the treatment that Patrick Swazye has been having for his pancreatic cancer is no longer doing any good. The cancer is not responding to the treatment and there is nothing more the doctors can do. He has since stopped receiving treatment and is now headed home to his ranch to just, wait to die.

That picture is of him headed to New Mexico, where his ranch is. Nothing more can be done for the guy, and he probably only has a couple short weeks left. That is not confirmed at all, but it is not good at all. Late last year my brother also had cancer and once the docs said that there was nothing more they could do, it was downhill and over within a week.

This is dumb. And pretty much the shittiest news ever. Patrick Swayze is my fuckin HERO. Has been since I was a little kid. The Outsiders started it all for me. Then came Red Dawn. That is when the Swayze became and icon to me. He even managed to make shitty chick flicks bad ass, like Dirty Dancing, and Ghost. Of course, like everyone, I do know that Roadhouse is 100% bad ass. Point Break, Black Dog, god damn he made some awesome movies.

Well, heres hopin the remainder of his days are peaceful and calm and he just relaxes on his porch.

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