Monday, February 9, 2009

Tapout Vs. Emo: What Is Worse? A Discussion.

This isn't really a blog, this is mostly set up for people to discuss in the comments. What is more annoying and gay? Emo faggots? Or those idiots that wear Tapout shirts.

As for my pick, I side with Tapout wearing guys being more annoying and more gay than the emo queers.


  1. Tapouts aka Bro Dudes are worse. At least the emos keep to themselves, Bro Dudes are everywhere and they get in your grill.

  2. Alright now what's worse, Bro Dudes or white guys that say grill when they're not talkin about a BBQ?

    Anyways, I agree, Emo kids are simply Emo. They keep to themselves and just like to be depressed. Tapout Bro Fags are the biggest posers on the fuckin PLANET.

  3. I was kidding, that's some shit Bro Dudes say all the time... but in all honesty nothing annoys me more over these two than the dreaded wigga. THEY are the biggest posers, hands down.