Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Most Awesomely Bad Ass Person On Planet Earth

Yeah. That's right. I am officially declaring this guy The Most Awesomely Bad Ass Person On Planet Earth. What does that mean? Well it means this. That no other human being on this planet, is as awesome, or as bad ass, as this guy right here. What is my proof?


  1. 3 posts all week? This site fucking blows anymore, good like competing with any of the real sites, not even worth visiting anymore. Used to be movie news and some hot ass once in awhile. Now random bullshit, no thanks.

  2. Good like competing?

    What the fuck are you saying? Or talking about? Please actually leave this time. We hate you. We hate all our readers so how about EVERYONE leaves? Thanks bye.

  3. Well if you haven't figured out by now that we only write when and what we feel like... then.... GTFO.