Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Smart Car? I Don't Think So.

So, every couple days or so, I will be driving to work, or from work, or anywhere else. And I see this fucking thing.It's called a Smart Car I supposed. Now what I don't understand is. Who in the fucking fuck would drive one of these things?!?!?! Why do they call it a Smart Car? Because whoever drives one of these things has to be a fucking IDIOT. Look at it! You can get thrown through the windsheild if you rearended a fucking bicycle in this thing. I honestly believe that if I was in an argument, and someone ran away from me and got inside of one of these, I could punt it off a cliff. I know for a fact I could tip the damn thing over. So what the hell.

Anyways, these things are too stupid to even look up the facts on so who really cares? It should be called the Dumb Car since it's basically a death trap. Also everytime I see someone driving it, it is usually a large man. Why? What the hell??

Fuck anyone who drives one of these rollerskaters around. You deserve to be crushed in a headon collision with a bird.

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