Friday, February 8, 2008

Reality Shows Suck, Bring back the TV Writers!

Look, when the writers went on strike at first I thought "Good Riddance." Guys, your writing sucks anyway. There are no decent comedies on television, especially not network TV. The only thing decent is on cable anyway. I hear some of you guys get paid $500,000 or more a year and get another 5 figures every time a re-run is shown. Cry me a fucking river.

But guess what? I am sick of Reality TV Shows. Bring the writers back. I mean shows like Survivor were somewhat interesting back in 2000-2001. But now in its 87th season, give it a rest already. Do we really need to see a 28th season of The Amazing Race?

In addition to these lame competition shows, we have have all these shitty shows about "real people" and their every day situations. We have shows about people with 16 kids, midgets hunting moles. We have that Jo Frost Supernanny bitch and "Wife Swap." When I think about swapping wives, that's not what I had in mind.

The only reality show I look forward to is Big Brother 9. Watch that shit. Otherwise don't bother.

Yeah and then there are shows that were already in the can and/or midseason replacements. I used to like Lost, but it blows now. That show dropped off more than any show in history. Then you have to wait 18 years in between seasons.

Bring back the writers. I want new shows. But since all these writers have sucked for years, try giving someone else a shot. 90% of these reality shows should have been cancelled years ago. The fact they haven't shows there is no decent competition.

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